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GP Group is a company known for its soundness and commitment with its Interest Groups, and most importantly, its workers.

All along its trajectory the company has developed policies that allowed us to create and maintain a close relationship with our co-workers, which is reflected in a high level of mutual commitment, successful and long lasting work trajectories, as well as a continual professional growth for both parties.

Attracting Talent

At GP Group we have several ways to attract talent, among which we may mention:

Internships / Scholarships  Contact with Universities for the implementation of internships for students of careers related to our operation. These practicing periods allow them to put their knowledge into practice in the real world and develop the necessary skills in the exercise of their profession.

Permanent Employees We work with several recruitment sources like:

Publication of Vacancies  and the search for candidates in the top electronic media (OCC, Linkedin, Computrabajo, etc.)

Job Placement at Universities, Chambers, and Government Institutions, and Employment Expos.

Contact with recruiting agencies, Institutions and related companies for Job Placement Exchange..

Job Placement Exchange, between the different companies in the GP Group

Internal Recommendation  from colleagues, friends or family that allow us to have a good source of candidates with favorable references. For executive positions, we have the support of a specialyzed agency or Head Hunters, which allows us to ensure a higher level of expertise in the search for the ideal candidate.


Historically our workers have maintained long lasting work relations with us. Almost one third of our personnel have a seniority ranging from 10 to 25 years in our company.

This level of continuance has been attained by a number of factors:

  • Showing interest in the worker, we are always looking for ways to safeguard the personal integrity of our workers, we commend his work, loyalty and above all, we try to be open and sensible to his needs.
  • Work stability and assurance, continual direct hiring and permanent employment. Nowadays it is a very common practice for companies to use outsourcing when hiring personnel.
  • Just wages. We have salaries and benefits exceeding those required by Law.


For the development of our workers, we offer a continuous training plan, structured as follows:

  • We lean on CMIC to take advantage of the ongoing courses they offer through the Instituto de Capacitación de la Industria de la Construcción (ICIC) (Construction Industry Training Institute).
  • Technique specialization courses  by external suppliers.
  • General training courses  for all personnel.
  • Schooling or language courses.

All educational activities mentioned are performed in a jointly and continuous manner throughout the year. In 2014 practically 75% of our personnel has joined at least one training activity. We have nearly 21 people with ongoing scholarships, encouraging people to continue their studies, and are sure that this number will continue to grow as it is a priority for our organization to maintain this learning and continuous development mode.


More than four years ago, we, as GP Group, initiated the Social Responsibility program, with our four integrating divisions participating, being awarded in 2012, for the fourth consecutive year, the title of Socially Responsible Company (Empresa Socialmente Responsable, or ESR), which is one of the main benefits obtained from creating synergy between the different divisions, and specifically the company’s Filosophy and Values. 

Values, nowadays such an important subject, is being consistently stressed through courses and workshops for all personnel of GP Group.

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