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    Ofrecemos soluciones de construcción y administración de proyectos de terracerías y urbanización, fletes y acarreos.

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    Planos, proyectos, diseño y simulaciones arquitectónicas, renders, ingeniería


    Nos comprometemos a realizar el trabajo con aplicación y diligencia haciendo uso de las normas y estándares aplicables al proyecto, así como la implementación de buenas prácticas y profesionalismo


    Somos una empresa con más de 50 años de experiencia comprometidos con la calidad y seguridad en las obras que participamos.


    Construcción y puesta en marcha, tomando la responsabilidad total del proyecto.


    Our solutions are construction and earthworks and urbanization project administration, freight and haulage.

    Competitive Advantages:

    • Construction experience
    • Highly trained team
    • Financial capability
    • Infrastructure to provide an integral response to the needs of the project
    • Support of the best brands of machinery and inputs

    We have a machinery park to meet the needs of any project, we have excavators, motor graders, bulldozer, articulated trucks, vibrocompactadores, camiones pipia, backhoe loaders, front loaders, gruas, torres, sky track, skid steer loader, among others.

    Our commitment is to offer solutions in time and place to achieve the objectives of every project, guarantee quality, execution, safety and customer service.

    Earthworks for:

    Industrial buildings, parking, shopping centers, roads, parking lots, among others.

    We carry out infrastructures:

    Water, light, pipes, sanitary, and rainwater drainage.

    We have a renewed fleet of 30 dump trucks.


    Cost decisions are generated at the beginning of the work, pre-construction is the early part of a project, which having a serious planning, leads to success.

    When determining the scope of the project, we can divide in into several stages, this allows us to have greater risk and cost control.

    • We prepare an initial and following budget depending on the design stage in which we are.
    • We create a plan where the communication with our client is effective.
    • We use high technology methologys so that in real time, clients can see the requested changes..
    • Quality plans are applied thanks to surveys analysis at the beginning, intermediate and end of the project to adjust and create improvements even after it has been completed.
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    Conceptual engineering

    From the basic definition of the project, to the location and exploration of the forms, layouts, etc. The design at the point is very flexible, since it’s the primary definition stage.

    icono arquitectura

    Basic engineering

    After the concept is approved, the construction regulations begin to be applied, already with a frozen form and plant, elevations and selections of materials.

    icono ingeniería

    Detail engineering

    The executive project. We developed the complete project to generate the plans for construction and manufacturing. At this point, models, brands, quantities, studies and calculations are already included.


    Our goal is to interpret and prioritize our customers needs, while guaranteeing the execution of your project through the development of customized solutions as required: preliminary projects, executive project, detailed engineering proposals, BIM coordination, calculations, related reviews, project monitoring, quantifications.

    Our commitment

    In the design area, we are committed to carrying out the work with application and diligence, making use of the regulations and standards applicable to the project, as well as the implementation of good practices and professionalism, under constant compliance with quality and service standards based on the continuous improvements.   implementations, with professional skills under constant compliance with quality and service standards based on continuous improvement.

    Our engineering and design processes integrate models, construction sequences and 3D virtual tours.


    3D modeling allows us to make more accurate decisions, identify interferences between disciplines before reaching the construction, define construction sequences, generate packages of plans to build, constantly monitor through the model to update the project and broadcast as built, plus of support tools such as renders, virtual reality, routes, animations, construction simulation and quantifications.

    Our differentiator

    Our approach, for any project is based on the constructability of it, because we serve as a direct service area for one of the largest and most prestigious construction companies in the country, whose main line of business in construction, accompanied by design as the technical executing arm of engineering management.


    We are a construction Company with more than 50 years of experience committed to quality and safety in the works we participate.

    We contribute to the client success making our resourses, process and best practices checked for lines from the start to the standard of the industries. Additionally, we are responsible with a social and environmental awareness that supports the welfare of Mexico.

    We are focused on industrial, commercial, and infrastructure segments.

    What we build?

    Industrial buildings, malls, corporate offices, airports, parking lots, universities, hospitals, public works, infrastructure.


    Our construction capacity is not limited. We’ve carried out projects up to 200,000m2. We have the necessary staff to serve all the client’s needs.

    We have the capacity to carry out special projects, as well as in magnitude, impact, complexity or with special requiremets.

    Our commitments is a high profitability in the projects, using efficiently.

    Turn key projects

    In the development of turn key projects, we are responsible for the total control of the project from start to finish and allows us to carry them out in better time.

    We use detailed 3D design views for real-time understanding. We incorporate the technology to the design and the client’s capacity, allows him to have important decisions from this stage of the project, to ensure the quality or to modify the project if needed.

    We apply PMI methodology with certified project managers for control and monitoring, fulfilling the client’s expectations.

    This integral solution encompasses everything from design to construction and commissioning of the facilities.


    The safety of our collaborators is very important, that is why we have a Safe, Health and Environment Management System, strategically designed to comply national and international regulations and the safety of our projects.

    We are committed to constantly train our staff, strengthening safe behaviors and participating in accident prevention.


    Certificado Nacional como Empresa Segura Nivel 1.

    Reconocimiento de nuestro Cliente BMW por lograr 1,000,000 horas hombre sin accidentes.

    Certified Safety & Health Official General Industry.

    Specialist in Safety and Health General Industry.

    ATP 191

    Safety & Health Authorized Trainer Program.


    Projects that make us proud, because they are emblematic, with recognitions or prizes that GP Construcción recognizes as OUR BEST CONSTRUCTIONS.

    We transform ideas in big projects

    WE ARE A CONSTRUCTOR committed to our customers socially and environmentally responsible CONSTRUCTOR


    • Market Segments

      Industrial buildings, shopping centers, corporate offices, airports, parking lots, universities, hospitals, public works and infrastructure, etc.

    • Engineering and Design

      Engineering solutions that adapt to the needs and business plan of our clients, taking into account the amount of investment and execution time.

    • Experience in construction

      Through 50 years of construction, our experience and solidity in the market, have consolidated our capacity for planning and execution, complying with the highest industry standards.

    • Visualization of your project in real time

      Our engineering and design processes integrate models, building sequences and 3D virtual tours, offering our clients a real-time visualization in support of decision making in the early stages of the project as well as during the execution of the work until its completion and “as built” delivery.

    • Planning system

      We use PROCORE for our project management and we work with ISO 9001:2015 standard that allows us to measure risks to prevent and take opportunities for improvement.

    • Sustainability

      We are an EST company and we are committed to the main issues of corporate social responsibility. We implement continuously improving and focusing productively and structurally.

    • BIM Management

      We use the BIM methodology, coordinating project modeling and resources in collaboration with planning to ensure the integration of the models and their disciplines the overall vision of the project.

    • Security

      We manage security with planning, identification of improvements, coordination, control and direction of construction safety activities.



    “The good Think about working with GP Construcción was… Gp Manages a project budget as a whole, with allows for flexibility in a dynamic design and in process engineering changes. The original superintendant who became Construction Manager  was very knowledgeable of the project, and easy to work with. The final execution of the design intent was done well for the main portions of the project – High Bay, Crane Rails, Press Pius, etc.”

    “…By means of the present we want to express our broader recommendation for Constructora Garza Ponce S. A. de. C. V., to which we have been entrusting projects such as Brembo Tequila and Brembo Mizar, two of our plants in the world developed since October 2014 with the scope of general contractor for the Tequila Plant and civil work construcción company for the Mizar plant.”


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    5,000 Persons

    Working for you

    55 years

    of construction experience

    28 States in Mexico

    In the Mexicanan Republic



    We use tools for project management as well as control and monitoring to ensure the success of the works.



    If you detect any anomaly or irregularity related to our company, please report it at 01-800-369-8477